The Fabulous Hermès Handbags of EJ Johnson

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Earvin Johnson II (aka, EJ Johnson) has been all over celebrity news this year! Who is he? EJ is the son of NBA legend, Magic Johnson. EJ was covered by TMZ while out with a friend for dinner carrying an Hermès Birkin Handbag last year and ever since his popularity has been booming! EJ was offered a supporting role on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, a show that features his long-time friend Dorothy Wang, daughter of _____. We love EJ because he is very straight-to-the-point, bold, not afraid to be himself, he is growing to be quite the fashion icon, and is completely fabulous! EJ will be brought back for the second season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, only this time he will be one of the main stars of the show. He has also been featured on E!’s Fashion Police.

Which Hermès Handbags does EJ proudly sport? Above we see EJ with a 35cm Hermès Menthe Leather Birkin Handbag with Gold Hardware. We absolutely love this handbag and believe it is perfect for summer! It captures the beautiful colors of the Caribbean sea and we believe that the color is a perfect fit for EJ’s bold personality.

In the second image, we see EJ with a 35cm Hermès Black Leather Kelly Handbag with Gold Hardware and a Saint Laurent Chiffon Lips Print Scarf. We are in love with this playful ensemble. The 35cm Hermès Black Leather Kelly Handbag with Gold Hardware is one of the most iconic handbags in the world and is an absolute staple to every Hermès handbag collection!

In the third image we feature today we see EJ is looking fierce in a black feather coat with a 35cm Hermès Matte Black Crocodile Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware. While we love the Menthe Birkin on EJ, he absolutely knows how to rock a crocodile Birkin Handbag!

We cannot wait to see what the future brings for this up-and-coming fashion icon. We wonder if we will see any new additions to his Hermès Handbag collection on the second season of, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills!


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