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Petra Ecclestone is Pregnant – Will she receive an Hermès Push Present?

After months of rumors, Petra Ecclestone is indeed pregnant. Petra has been seen shopping for baby clothes and toys in L.A. over the past few weeks, always with one of her many trusty Hermès Handbags in tow. Petra has been seen out recently with her 35cm Hermès Matte Black Crocodile Birkin, 35cm Hermès Gold Kelly […]

Mega Blog: Tamara Eccelstone: Racing to the Top of the List for Hermès Collectors

Tamara Eccelstone obviously loves her Hermès Birkin Handbags! These 11 are just part of her collection, as Tamara has stated in interviews that she has somewhere around 20 to 30 Birkins! The heiress who loves to collect luxury items sure has quite an extensive Hermès collection! With that kind of collection, she is racing to […]

The Birkin Socialites Are At It Again

  The Ecclestone sisters were spotted out shopping the streets of London a couple of times this week around the most high end stores. Are you as shocked as I am? It’s pretty surprising that the socialites are out shopping while carrying Birkins… not! It may happen frequently, but it doesn’t get old from my […]

Someone Knows How to Wear an Hermès Grey Himalayan Crocodile Birkin

We all saw Marlo with her croc Birkin on the Real Housewives of Atlanta when she wore it as her travel bag on the way to South Africa. I kept thinking how unnecessary it was to wear such a fabulous and expensive bag to an airport and aboard a plane. We also saw Petra Ecclestone […]

Mega blog: Petra Ecclestone and her love for Hermès Handbags

Wow! Petra Ecclestone sure does love her Hermes bags! I believe she’s been carrying more Hermes bags than the Kardashians put together and that says a lot! I appreciate that she wears the Black Kelly handbag more than the Birkin because it shows that the Birkin is not the only Hermes handbag in existence. Her […]