Heritage Auctions sues Christie’s International for stealing their star Hermès expert, Matt Rubinger

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Matt Rubinger, a former employee of Heritage Auctions just landed a position at Christie’s International as one of their premier Hermès Birkin Handbag experts. To have such a prestigious position sounds like the ultimate dream, right? Unfortunately, Mr. Rubinger has found himself is a legal mess with former employer, Heritage Auctions. Heritage Auctions has filed a lawsuit against Christie’s International for $60 million dollars for damages and lost profits. The lawsuit takes not only the recent of Rubinger into account, but also two other former Heritage Auctions employees. The lawsuit claims that Rubinger stole trade secrets and breached his contract with Heritage Auctions.

A spokeswoman for Christie’s International told the Times, “We have reviewed the complaint and find it to be wholly without merit. We are prepared to vigorously defend these claims and Christie’s decision to expand our existing handbag department.”

We wonder what the end result of the lawsuit against Christie’s International will be. Do you think Heritage Auctions has a case? We wish Matt Rubinger luck for his new position at Christie’s International.

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