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Another Case of Buyer Beware: New York Doctor Allegedly Sold Fake Hermés Birkin

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Always buy Authentic! – image source: arcady31


According to this article in The New York Daily News, a prominent New York doctor is suing a merchant in the Hamptons for allegedly selling her a fake Hermés Birkin bag.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — always make sure you’re buying authentic.  There’s a lot of imposters out there!  If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Buyer beware!

What is your Hermès Color?

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We at Hermès Purse Forum want to know, what is YOUR Hermès Color? We have far too many favorites to name, but as the weather heats up, we have to mention the radiant colors of Mykonos and Menthe. Bright sea tones are perfect for summer! For a more subtle look, you can never go wrong with great neutrals like Black and Gris Tourterelle!

What are the colors above? Just to name a few – Bubble gum pink, Rose Tyrien, Rouge Vif, Vermillion, Orange, Sanguine, Soufre, Jaune D’or, Vert Anis, Kiwi, Menthe, Mykonos, Blue Jean, Iris, Ultra Violet, Gris Tourterlle, Gris Perle, Gold, Cocoa, Argyle, Black and White. We wonder what new colors will be released in 2014!?

Did you know just because a color is not listed at, doesn’t mean we cannot find your dream color for you! Let us know what you are looking for and we will do everything we can to help you meet your match from Hermès heaven! Check out our fabulous selection at Créateurs de Luxe today! Order today, receive your gorgeous Hermès Handbag tomorrow!

Tell us, what is your favorite color? Can’t name just one? Let us know your top color choices!


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Warning: Take Caution! A Fake 40cm Hermès Blue Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware is Listed on eBay

Hermes, 40cm, Blue, Leather, Birkin, Fake, eBay, Counterfeit, Non-authentic, Warning, caution, Palladium Hardware,

Warning! We have received a warning from one of our followers that there is A FAKE 40cm Hermès Blue Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware is on eBay! The  seller has been claiming to sell from Illinois in one listing, and New Jersey in another listing! This bag has been reviewed by an authenticity service and has been determined as a fake! DO NOT order this handbag! The seller claims that it is Navy Indigo. There are multiple usernames selling this bag from different locations. Remember, if a price seems too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS! Don’t let your money you worked hard for go to a fake handbag! Be safe and happy shopping, eBayers!


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Warning! A Swarm of Counterfeit Hermès Handbags Land on eBay

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We are well aware that many of our followers are eBay members. As you know, Créateurs de Luxe sells only guaranteed authentic Hermès Handbags on eBay, but we cannot always say the same for other sellers. Over the past few weeks we have noticed a massive swarm of counterfeit Hermès Handbags landed on eBay, most of them are originating from various cities in USA. Many people do not know that we help eBay catch scammers, thieves and counterfeiters that are trying to sell fake bags by authenticating bags. We called eBay immediately and explained to them what we were seeing. Somehow these people have slipped through the cracks of the ebay rules, thus allowing them to stay on ebay and sell their goods. A few warning flags to watch out for when buying bags are, the sellers of these bags have 0 feedback and are also selling the bags on average at $1,000 when the handbag is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Most of these sellers are only selling one item and their user names tend to be made up of random letters and numbers.

Although eBay has been contacted, no action has been taken. This scares us as we see that some people are bidding on these bags that the seller claims to be authentic. Some of these sellers also require a wire transfer only rather than use of PayPal (I think we should remove this because we accept bank wires only too!). Please help us spread the word about this crucial piece of news to prevent innocent people being taken advantage of and preventing the purchase of illegal counterfeit handbags. As we all know, counterfeit goods steals money from the trademark holder and is most likely made by children in sweatshops. Help us prevent this madness. Spread this article with your friends so that they may spread it as well. Let us work together to get the news out there to prevent Hermès lovers from around the world from unintentionally purchasing fake Hermès Handbags

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Which Had You Rather: Luxury Hotels or Luxury Handbags?


UK’s luxury hotels such as the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair are getting plenty of business from Brazil, UK, and US guests, but they are missing out on business from Chinese guests. As the general manager of the hotel, Nathalie Seiler-Hayez, put it, “They all go out and spend their money at Hermès or Chanel, but they haven’t really reached the high end hotels. They go to the Marriott or places like that because they don’t know the brands here yet.” She also stated that wine would be a good way to advertise to the Chinese population and attract more visitors. Maybe so, but maybe an Hermès boutique in your hotel wouldn’t hurt either 😉 Or maybe the Chinese tend to hit up places like the Marriott in order to save a little cash for their beloved Hermès handbags.

I researched hotels in that area on Travelocity and it quoted me $1350 per night at the Connaught Hotel while the Marriott was around $500. I know if it were me, I’d be staying in the Marriott if I were going on vacation and spending savings (thousands of dollars) on luxury handbags! Plus, you don’t spend that much time in the room anyway. I just can’t see the customers not knowing where to stay, because when I plan on going on vacation, I utilize travel sites to view my hotel options in my desired destinations. I am going to conclude that perhaps the Chinese have a higher appetite for luxury bags than they do luxury hotels. After all, spending money on a hotel that will last for a few nights isn’t as thrilling as spending money on a bag you could have for life, in my opinion. So, like the Chinese, the bag gets my buck!

-Crèateurs de Luxe Bag Forum

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Are you familiar with Hermès stamps for Reptiles?




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Hot Tip: Fancy yourself something new (and fab!) from Hermes?


Wise shoppers will make that purchase sooner rather than later as Hermes stores will be adjusting prices end of January or early February. Price hikes of approximately 9% on handbags, silk, cashmere, could result in increases of thousands of dollars on some items.
Consult with your local sales associate for the exact date and save yourself a bundle.

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New Hermès Store in Miami Design District

Hermes, Bal Harbour, Miami, flagship, store, boutique, Fashion, Luxury, Florida

Hermes is possibly closing their store in Bal Harbour and is building a huge 20,000 square foot flagship store in the design district of Miami.

OH NO! The store is leaving our favorite Bal Harbour location! Now we will have to drive an hour away to buy our Birkins.  Sigh. I guess FedEx is going to help us with this one.


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