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Hermès: Sacred Heart by Olivia Bee


Sacred Heart from Hermès on Vimeo.

Olivia Bee has done it again! Many of our followers may remember when Olivia Bee was first featured by Hermès in Fall of 2012. We are happy to say that this talented young woman has produced a new video for Hermès! We believe that Hermès is using the young talent to try and appeal to young Millennials with a love for fashion. Olivia’s work features distinct look and is almost reminiscent of a fairytale. “Sacred Heart” is the second film to be produced by Olivia, which features the model, Tuesday Faust. The video captures the beauty of scarves from Hermès. Of course, Hermès scarves can be worn many ways and in “Sacred Heart,” we are shown a few possibilities for how to wear our magnificent scarves!

What does Hermès say about the film?

“Olivia Bee explores solar territories, wild forests and tales beneath the stars. She stages platinum blonde modern day nymphs at play draping themselves in fluttering, colored Hermès silk scarves.”

As a young woman, I must say that this video is very different from most Hermès videos I have seen. This video offers a sense on fantasy and shows gorgeous Hermès scarves in a dream-like world. Through soft colors and a fresh, new spin on directing, we truly hope to see more of Ms. Olivia Bee with Hermès in the future!

What do you think of the video? How does it compare to her first video for Hermès? (Below) Do you have a favorite? Tell us!



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Tyler Shields Takes Another Bite at Using Fake Hermès Birkin Handbags in his Work!

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Tyler Shields is at it again! 32-year-old Tyler Shield’s is claiming that he sacrificed another $100,000 Hermès Birkin Bag in the name of art. But did he really? Hermès Purse Forum, as well as many other creditable Hermès related websites have deemed the original Red Crocodile Birkin Bag as a fake, as it had clear characteristics that it was not an authentic Hermès Birkin Handbag. We are happy to say that this too is a fake and that a beautiful,  authentic Hermès Birkin Handbag was not harmed in the making of these photographs.

Mr. Shields is a young photographer who is known for his very controversial art. Many young starlets jump at the chance for a photo shoot with Tyler. Ex-girlfriend, Francesca Eastwood was the original model to destroy a fake  crocodile Birkin Handbag, a red 35cm Birkin with Gold Hardware by cutting it with a chainsaw and lighting it on fire.  Both handbags Tyler had destroyed feature an unrealistic, plastic like look. The blue handbag featured above even has streaks of color, a clear indicator that this handbag is not authentic. Hermès performs a very detailed coloring process to make their bags absolutely perfect, resulting in a solid color that is never streaky. Another point worth bringing up is a brand new 35cm Hermès Crocodile or Alligator Birkin Handbag always tends to be stiff and the one in the images just seems to bend with ease. Almost as if it is fresh out of a box from a replica dealer in China! However, according to Daily Mail, it took seven months to find the handbag but only four days to find the alligator for the shoot. We do not believe this handbag is real at all!

In this shoot, Tyler photographed the 22-year-old actress and model, Ana Mulvoy-Ten. ‘It was a game of inches,’ Tyler said to Daily Mail. ‘When we started the day it was feet, and slowly as the day progressed we got closer and closer to the gator until Ana was inches away.’ Ana was asked to hold the bag in front of the Alligator and tease it while the bag was on a hook and later even came face-to-face- with the Alligator as the both bit the handbag! We will give it to Ana that not only is she completely stunning but she also has guts!

Would you like a behind the scenes look at how the shoot went? Watch the video below and also check out to check out Tyler’s many controversial works! We wonder what Tyler will do next!




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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Gris Perle

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Are you looking for the perfect shade of grey?

Don’t miss the gorgeous 35cm Hermes Gris Perle Taurillon Clemence Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware available at Créateurs de Luxe!


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