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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Gris Tourterelle

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Our Favorite Color of the Week: Gris Tourterelle


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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Crevette

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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Crevette


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Jamie Chua: The Ultimate Hermès Handbag Collector

Photo Credit: Jamie Chua’s Instagram Account. Click on the images above to see them on Jamie’s Instagram page!

We have never seen such an incredible collection of Hermès Handbags before viewing Jamie Chua’s wide variety of Hermès Handbags. That’s right, move over Victoria Beckham, The Kardashian family, and Ecclestone family! We are pretty confident that if you would combine all of their collections, Jamie Chua would still have them beat by a landslide! Jamie has so many Hermès handbags and accessories, we couldn’t even fit them all in one Mega Blog! We actually lost count as to how many she has! We would estimate she has 150 Hermès Handbags in all different styles, sizes, materials and colors.

Just who is Jamie Chua? Jamie Chua is a Singapore Socialite who was previously a model and a flight attendant that married into a fabulous lifestyle. Jamie met Indonesian tycoon Nurdian Cuaca, her ex-husband while working as a flight attended for Singapore Airlines. The two married when she was 20 years old and he was 29 years old. The couple remained married for fifteen years and had two children, a boy and a girl. Jamie made headlines when she asked for a monthly allowance of $450,000 a month to keep the lifestyle she had been used to for the past fifteen years.

Jamie’s fame exploded when the socialite started sharing her life on Instagram. In her posts we see not only her collection of lavish handbags including Hermès Birkins and Kellys, but also her amazing clothes, jewelry, her collection of sports cars and her day to day activities. Jamie is known to never wear the same dress twice. Jamie has two maids that help her take the pictures she shares with the world. Some of her photos have us speechless. Check the images below that Jamie shared of her Hermès Birkin Bags and Hermès Kelly Bags arranged by color as well as a sneak peak of the AMAZING handbag closet she cleans herself.  “There are some things that cannot be left to the help,” Jamie says. We definitely understand wanting to protect those amazing beauties!

In the image above we can see that Jamie has an amazing collection including some of the rarest handbags by Hermès: A 35cm Hermès So Black Alligator Birkin Handbag and a 35cm Hermès So Black Alligator Kelly Handbag, A two toned White and Black Kelly Handbag, a 35cm Hermès Silver Metallic Birkin Handbag, a 35cm Hermès Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile Birkin Handbag with original diamonds as well as many special order handbags! We are in awe of her collection and are so glad to see that she takes great care of her handbags! We love the custom closet she had built to keep these beauties safe.

We highly suggest that you follow Jamie on Instagram for unbelievable pictures and a sneak peek into her amazing life. Click here for a sneak peek into this beauty’s lifestyle.













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Ooh La La! One day left to order the perfect Hermès gift!

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The Hermès Birkin Handbag Blunders of Rita Ora

If one thing can be said about pop sensation Rita Ora, it is that this beauty has her very own sense of style and isn’t afraid to let it show. With that being said, some of her choices don’t usually pair well with her Hermès Birkin Handbag Collection causing what we like to call a Birkin Blunder.  Rita has had a busy schedule lately as a model, recording her sophomore album that is due out later this year, and will also play the role of Mia in the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie, based on the novel by E.L. James, due out Valentine’s Day of 2015. Rita can be seen above with her 35cm Hermès Black Leather Birkin Handbag with Gold Hardware and a wide variety of outfits that touch upon her unique style.

We aren’t quite sure what is going on with the first outfit. This outfit is almost like a dominatrix meets skater girl, a look that doesn’t compliment the iconic Hermès Birkin Handbag at all. In the second image, we see what actually may have been a cute outfit for Rita overthrown by a giant grey hooded zip-up sweatshirt and a baseball cap. Without the sweatshirt and hat, we believe that the 35cm Hermès Black Leather Birkin Handbag is a perfect fit and compliments this outfit perfectly.

It appears that Rita has joined a particular group of celebrities, the type that uses a Birkin as a gym bag. We still do not understand why you would do that to your beloved Birkin but, I guess as long as you’re not laying it down in the sand just because you can, or dripping sweat on it,  it is fine with us. We wonder if the trend of barbells and Birkins will continue to grow?  Have you brought your Hermès Birkin Handbag to the gym too?

In the final image, we see that Rita is pulling an Angelina Jolie by showing off her amazing legs through a through a high thigh slit. We have to ask though, what the hell is she wearing? Who steps outside in a bathrobe and heels? While her makeup and hair are flawless, we cannot let this look go. We are also intrigued by the ombre rainbow manicure. We wonder if there’s an outfit under there. Does this mean that her Birkin is also a spa and bath time buddy? Just protect that bag, girl! We can’t wait to see what your next Hermès purchase will be.

What do you think about the looks Rita rocked? Which do you believe is the biggest Birkin blunder?

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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Bleu Electrique

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Your style will POP with Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week, Bleu Electrique! This color is absolutely stunning! Make a splash with the 35cm Hermes Shiny Bleu Electrique Porosus Crocodile Birkin Handbag! Order this beautiful handbag  from Créateurs de Luxe today!