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RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Finally Admits it!

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Brandi Glanville is certainly a piece of work. Known as a loud mouth that loves to stir up trouble on Bravo’s hit television show, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi, who replaced Camille Grammar for Season 3, has been seen making out with the new girl of season 4, cussing, drinking excessively, and has even been outed for being a bully by Kyle Richards.

Seen above, Brandi takes a stroll with co-star, Kyle Richards. What is that we see, a fake, 30cm Grey Birkin Bag?! How many of these women have fakes? First Taylor Armstrong, now Brandi? What does Brandi have to say about it?

“I don’t have a Birkin yet. I bought a fake one, and then somebody called me out on it, and I gave it to one of my friends,” she said on her podcast.

“Well somebody on Perez Hilton, they were like ‘Oh you know that’s a fake Birkin if Brandi has it’…finally I answered them on Twitter and I’m like, ‘Yes,’ but it was still $500 bucks’…A lot of my rich friends have fake ones…I’m not gonna name names, but they have real ones, and they have fake ones,” she explained.

Brandi has said that it is the first fake bag she has ever bought. Of course, Taylor was rumored to have fake bags, but we only found out they were fake when she was trying to settle legal disputes after her husband’s suicide, using the bags as collateral.

Who do you think her friends are that also have fakes? Are they too on the show, RHOBH? Any guesses?


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Breakfast, Break-ins, Birkins and Busts!

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Imagine you are sipping your morning coffee while enjoying breakfast only to head back to your delivery van to find out it was broken into and all the merchandise was stolen.  Now, imagine that what was stolen was an entire Hermès Accessories collection. For two French drivers in Milan, this was a reality.

An Italian man in his late 40s broke into this vehicle and stole over half a million US dollars ($550,900/400,000 Euros) in goods, while they took a quick break for breakfast.  Even though this man was arrested and thankfully, all the items were recovered, it still resulted in a cancellation of a Hermès Press Presentation that these items were to be featured. The goods were held by police as part of the investigation which forced Hermès to cancel the presentation.

This is the second robbery in Milan’s “golden quadrangle” fashion district in the past six months.

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