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Tamara Ecclestone’s brand new closet is straight out of Hermès Heaven


Tamara Ecclesone, the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, founder of Formula-1 racing boss is completely in love with fashion and has no problem showing it. Tamara who is a fashion model loves to shower herself with luxurious shoes, handbags, clothing and more. It’s no secret to the world that her favorite handbag is the Hermès Birkin Handbag. We showed off Tamara’s Handbag collection in the Megablog that covered most of her Hermès Birkin handbags. It can be seen here. But once a girl owns over 100 pairs of Louboutins and 30 Hermès Birkin Handbags, she may find herself struggling with her lack of space in her closet. What is a girl to do? In Tamara’s case, you can move into a £45 Million Home in Kensington, after a messy breakup with stockbroker ex-boyfriend, Omar Khyami, and move on. But who is to say you can’t spoil yourself a bit after all of that?

Tamara was struggling with her overflowing closet at her previous home. When she decided to move, she knew something  had to be done, something needed to change. Tamara informed the architects in charge of the mansion’s £18 Million in refurbishments of what she wanted out of her new home and to make sure she we would have more than enough space for her clothing, handbags and accessories. Her brand new wardrobe is every Fashionista’s dream with Hermès leather lined shelves and drawers only being the beginning. What with this wardrobe heaven look like? Attached below is a mockup we saw on, that was featured in InStyle Magazine.

Could you imagine having this wardrobe? Not only will this mansion have one of the most impressive wardrobes in the world, it will also have a nightclub in the basement, a bowling alley and a 2-ton, £1 Million,  semi-transparent crystal bath with illuminating lights underneath it. From the sound of it, Tamara will have such a fantastic home that she may never have to leave! From the image above, we can rest easy that her Hermès Collection will be able to spread out in their new racks and allow room for new, beautiful Hermès Handbags.

Are you looking at updating your wardrobe or purchasing a new home? Would you line your shelves with Hermès leather?

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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Celeste


R.H.O.A. Nene Leakes’ First New York City Subway ride, paired with an Hermès Birkin


Last week on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Nene Leakes visited New York City with co-star Cynthia Bailey. Cynthia decided to give Nene her own personal tour around NYC including some of the underground scenery. Cynthia was told that Nene had never been on the NYC subway before and took it upon herself to change that. Cynthia wanted to make sure that Nene knew how to take the subway in case if one day her driver didn’t show up because he was stuck in traffic and she is stuck standing there in her Birkin and Louboutins without a ride.

In the clip of the two women and their subway adventures, we cannot help but shake our head at Nene. Nene showed up to meet Cynthia with an open Hermès Birkin Handbag and spiked Louboutin Heels. Cynthia said that she could not possibly wear those in the subway and asked where her comfortable shoes are. Without flats and with the look of fear in her eyes, Nene made her way down into the abyss of the Subway station with Cynthia.

Cynthia recorded Nene’s initial reaction to the subway station on her cell phone. Nene, who still had the look of fear in her eyes,  was getting photographed by fans and onlookers that recognized her and Cynthia. Nene started jumping up and down at the sight of the rail car approaching her. On the train, she speaks to a group of young teens about her various acting roles, making her ride a bit more calm and enjoyable.  Luckily, Nene got off the subway with her 40cm Hermès Etain Leather Birkin Handbag and Louboutins intact, making Nene one of the most stylish Subway riders of all time. What did Nene have to say about the subway? She said she wouldn’t mind riding it again because it is fast, but believes next time she will be using a driver.

Have you ever used public transportation wearing your Hermès Handbags? Did anyone stare at you or make you feel as if they were possibly a threat? Share with us and discuss this topic.

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40cm Hermès Matte Black Niloticus Crocodile Birkin Handbag – Sale!


Hermès’ Chaine d’Ancre sac-bijou – Oh My Gorgeous!



Many of us dream of owning our idea of the perfect Hermès Birkin or Kelly Handbag. How many of us dream of one day owning an Hermès Handbag completely covered in diamonds? While we have seen Creatéurs de Luxe’s 35cm Hermès Shiny Black Porosus Crocodile Birkin Handbag with original diamonds and Hermès Birkin Sac bijou in rose and white gold as well as the diamond Kelly Handbag, some of us may be looking for something more unique and fabulous. What could Hermès come up with next?

Enter  the Chaine D’ Ancre. Similar to the Diamond Kelly with 1,160 diamonds and the Diamond Birkin with 2,712 diamonds, this unique diamond handbag brings a new, fresh look onto the scene. These unique, fabulous  mini Hermès handbags take over 1,000 hours to create. The Chaine D’Ancre is created from the house’s iconic anchor chain, created in white gold with a total of 11,202 diamonds, putting the diamond count on the other handbags to shame and weighing in at 86.14 carats.

Who is behind these fantastic handbags? A man by the name of Pierre Hardy, who was a former dancer turned into a shoe designer for Christian Dior. He also previously created illustrations for Vouge and Vanity Fair. He then became the creative director for the Women and Men’s footwear collections in 1990. Later on in 2001, he began to design jewelry. And what does he have to say of his recent creation? “I’m most proud of this one because it didn’t exist before,” he said. “I went from working with the very well known to the totally unknown. As a designer, it’s that opportunity to create that I love.”

Only three of each bag will be produced making these handbags a few of the rarest that Hermès had produced. How would one wear this bag? How would you wear it? Hardy says that the owners of this fabulous handbag will have to find their own style with it by experimenting with it. It is a fantastic handbag that will surely outshine almost any ensemble paired with it. These mini bags are so small they can barely be called a handbag, with just enough room for credit cards and lipstick, these precious gems are more like bracelets that act as the ultimate arm candy.

Could you imagine finding these precious bags in a gift box this holiday season? What would you pair with such gorgeous handbag? Discuss this bag with us.

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35cm Hermès Grizzly Barenia Leather and Suede Birkin Handbag – Happy Thanksgiving

35cm Hermès Grizzly Barenia Leather and Suede Birkin Handbag

Help us Make a Difference: Hurricane Sandy Relief – First Participant


Thank you to our first participant, Yorkie Lover for your submission!

Do you want to submit a photo but would rather keep your identity a secret? Send us a picture of you and your Hermès Handbag while wearing a scarf, sunglasses or some other disguise as well as your first name or a nickname.

Remember, we are donating $5.00 to Hurricane Sandy Relief for every photo we receive, so please ladies and gents send in your photos today!

Thank you all for helping us with this very important cause!

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Make a Difference: One Photo Equals Five Dollars For Hurricane Sandy Relief


We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and we are thinking of all the things we have to be thankful for. It pains us to think of those lacking basic necessities this holiday season in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Help us make a difference, all you have to do is send us a photo of you with your Hermès handbag that we can post here on Hermès Purse Forum. For every person who sends in an image we will donate $5.00 to Hurricane Sandy Relief. We will be accepting submissions from Wednesday November 21st, 2012 to Wednesday November 28th, 2012.  Simple as that! So get those cameras out and send us photos! Send images to

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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Rose Lipstick


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35cm Hermès Arlequin Taurillon Clemence Leather Kelly Handbag – An Hermès Kelly Handbag from out of this world!



You can purchase this beautiful bag at