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Hermès: The Popular Girl at School Everyone Wants to Be


Now that Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) has failed to acquire Hermès through stealth tactics, it seems that the luxury giant is becoming inspiration for the future of LVMH’s business model. Louis Vuitton began offering its customers custom made bags which sell for two to three times more than the standard monogrammed bag. Also similar to Hermès, Louis Vuitton began hand-making these bespoke bags in Paris in a process that takes four to six weeks. In addition to these new Hermès similarities, LVMH is planning to no longer have its products go on sale in attempts to make the bags and accessories appear as more exclusive. They will also be more careful about opening new stores in attempt to add even more mystique to the brand. Well, that’s definitely enough new additions to Louis Vuitton to make me quote Dina Manzo from the Real Housewives of New Jersey- “I don’t know if she wanted to be me or skin me and wear me like last year’s Versace.” I guess that settles it…. if you can’t buy them, become them (or at least try).

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The Funny Lady’s Funny Hermes Ways


I was very pleased to see that Jenny McCarthy was not in too much of a rush while greeting and hugging her fans when leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood. I can’t decide what’s better… the fan-hugging, or her Blue Electrique Jypsiere bag. We’ll just call it even since both are too sweet to compare. But there’s one thing I almost missed while being mesmerized by the bag and the meet and greet. I haven’t seen a shoulder bag carried as if it were a clutch since the last time I saw Lady Gaga carrying a Chanel flap (but she’s Gaga and can do anything). What’s up with that? If I want to carry a bag by hand, I am going to buy a clutch since they were obviously made for clutching. Why put the unnecessary weight on the hand? Fortunately, the funny lady’s odd clutch carrying ways don’t detract from the vividly beautiful color of the Jypsiere. I am a sucker for shocking blues, every time. I even want to say that I like these bright blues better on this Jypsiere better than I do on a Birkin. What do you think?
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Hermès and Leica: A Match Made in Pictorial Heaven


Leica has teamed up with Hermès, once again, to release two limited edition cameras. The first is named “Edition Hermès” and only 300 of these cameras will be produced, each with a $25,000 price tag and a unique number code. People with hefty bank accounts (and willing to part with $25K) can expect their camera to be shipped in June. The other specially produced camera is dubbed “Edition Hermès- Serie Limitee Jean-Louis Dumas” in celebration of the former Hermès CEO’s friendship with Leica Camera. These will also be available in July (for those of you with even heftier bank accounts) for $50,000 each. The “Edition Hermès” will be made with Veau Swift burnt tan calfskin leather, silver chrome finish, and will be equipped with a Leica Summilux-M 50mm F/1.4 ASPH optic. The “Jean-Louis Dumas” camera will include three lens options; a Leica Summicron-M 28mm f/2 ASPH., a Leica APO-Summicron-M 90 mm f/2 ASPH., and a Leica Noctilux-M 50 mm f/o.95 ASPH. Both special edition cameras will be available as kits through Leica boutiques and stores worldwide. Lucky me! I’ve been wanting a new camera lately… $25,000 each? Count me in. Are any of you planning to snag one of these rare beauties?

To see a video of the process of putting one of these beauties together Click Here

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Hermès Tells a Playful Tale of Leather


When in Paris, what gift can you purchase for a woman that has it all? When the Duke of Windsor struggled to find a gift for Wallis Simpson, the vendeuse made a suggestion a great pair of leather gloves. He replied, “My wife already has a wheelbarrow of gloves!” Humored by this fact, he brought her a leather garden cart with drawers to house her accessories. Such an item could only be found at Hermès.

It seems every item by Hermès has a story about how it came to be. The Birkin Handbag for example was created for Jane Birkin after her bag spilled in front of Jean-Louis Dumas, the chief of Hermès at the time, on an airplane and told him how she could not find the perfect handbag. Another handbag that has a great story behind it is the Picnic Kelly Handbag that is made of wicker and leather, which was named for Princes Grace of Monaco. This limited edition bag is a fantastic Kelly and is a definite must have for an Hermès collector.

During the “Leather Forever” exhibition at the Royal Academy in London we see that Hermès is not only about luxury, quality and excellence, but also that they are one of the top luxury brands in the world and have been for 175 years. The show features unique bags themed around the British Isles that are one of a kind. These bags cannot be purchased, however there will be an auction at the end of the show and the money raised will go to the Royal Academy of Arts.

The show also features their revolutionary lightweight saddle. This saddle is much more advanced than the one Thierry Hermès started with in his harness workshop in 1837. The saddle is made by melding leather with carbon and titanium, making their saddles lighter, for a more comfortable ride for the user. Also featured in the saddles’ display was a winged saddle that was a special order for a Japanese band back in 2001.  And lastly, their crown and glory, the Hermès Birkin and Kelly Handbags are on display, framed by a neon handbag, showing a variety of styles and offering a close up look at the iconic bags.

As we can see from this event, Hermès not only puts style into their luxurious items but they know how to organize a beautiful exhibition. The show will be quite an exquisite show with several digital installations paired with leather samples and other medias that show the feel of Hermes. The show is fabulous and we would not expect anything less from them. We love their whimsical style as well as their sharp fashion sense.

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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Rouge H


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VH-1 House of Consignment Star Sues the “Purse Blog”


Mama always said, “If you do not have anything nice to say, don’t say it all.” Apparently those at the Purse Blog never learned this lesson. The site that is well known for dictating comments and banning innocent users, has now been hit with a lawsuit. Corri McFadden, a reality TV star and owner of has filed a suit with the U.S. District Court in Chicago late last week against and Waltham, Mass. , resident Nancy R. Burke. Burke aka “Been Burned” posted comments on the PurseBlog that accused McFadden of bidding on her own items on eBay with various usernames to drive up the price of her items. Burke also advised users of the Purse Blog not to do business with eDrop-Off. eDrop-Off sells pre-owned designer and luxury items and sells them on both their website and eBay. McFadden is also known for her VH1 reality show, ‘House of Consignment.’ McFadden is seeking repayment for damages to her business that the PurseBlog is responsible for. Want to read more? Visit The Chicago Tribune’s article on this topic here.

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Candid Moment: Birkin Ladies


These two famous celebs were spotted in the shoes salon at Bergdorf Goodman trying on Louboutins. They almost declined our pic until we told them we would not post their pretty little faces. We love the classic 35cm Hermès Black Leather Birkin Handbag with palladium hardware and the classic 35cm Hermès Orange Leather Birkin with Gold hardware. And what’s that the lady with the Black Birkin is wearing? An Hermès shiny Pelouse crocodile Collier de Chien bracelet with Gold hardware! How beautiful. Thank you for sharing your love for Hermès, ladies!

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Featuring Our 1st Giveaway Winner: Erin


Many of you participated in our first give away where we rewarded one lucky grand prize winner with a brand new Hermès Bleu Electrique Collier de Chien Bracelet. That lucky winner was Erin. Although we know she is on top of her competitive edge, we have to wonder, just who is she?

Erin is a stay at home mom from the Boston area. She loves to play tennis and to play with toy helicopters with her children. How did she first hear of Hermès? Erin fell in love with Hermès watching Sex in the City. After all, “It’s not a bag. It’s a f—— Birkin.”

Erin has been to Paris and while she was there she visited the flagship Hermès boutique and then rested at the fabulous Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris. Her favorite sales associate, Joseph is from the Boston Hermès store. He is a doll and continues to help her love for Hermès grow.

Her favorite scarf is the black colorway of Cavalcadour. Erin has two dream Hermès handbags that she aspires to own one day: A 35cm Hermès Navy Blue Box Leather with Gold Hardware for an everyday look and then a 35cm Hermès Black Togo Leather with a Rose Shocking interior for fun.

Once again we would like to congratulate all of our winners! Erin, your brand new CDC looks great on you! We would also like to thank all of you that participated. What an exciting competition! Who knows, we might just have another give away in our near future. Be sure to check back frequently so that you don’t miss out!

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Hermès Purse Pawning


Jon Humphreys gave his wife, Jessica Humphreys (43), a black Hermès Birkin as a gift for her birthday, and it was so special to her that she would only carry it sparingly. Difficult times came one month when they were slammed with bills totaling £7500 pounds Sterling (about $12,000 USD) as a result of school fees for their children and emergency rewiring. Jessica, an interior decorator, never dreamed of selling the Hermès Birkin, but financial hardship drove her to consider the unthinkable. She didn’t want to lose the bag completely, so she decided to use it as collateral for a loan after her friend told her about the £2,000 (about $3200 USD) loan she had received upfront for pawning her designer goods. Once reality sunk in, Jessica explained, “That’s when it dawned on me that our greatest assets, other than the house and cars, were in my wardrobe.”

After much consideration, Jessica settled for a visit to a high-end pawnbroker named Prestige Asset Finance in Weybridge, Surrey U.K. to pawn her Hermès Birkin, and left with £4,000 (about $6400 USD) that she could now use to pay her bills. After paying the bills, Jessica planned to reclaim her Hermès Birkin by paying the loan within the allotted six month time frame. At the time that the bag was pawned she did not tell Jon about it because of the stigma attached to pawnbrokers. She also stated, “Jon bought me my Hermes bag so I think he might be hurt that I was willing to part with it. Although I’m sure if I explained that it was being securely stored and I have no intention of not reclaiming it, he would understand.” Jon was led to believe that the money Jessica acquired was from her parents, and only Jessica’s friend knows of the pawning, since she is the one who suggested it. Fortunately, Jessica is sure she will be able to pay off the loan and reclaim her Hermès Birkin.

Perhaps if Jon hadn’t bought the Hermès Birkin in the first place, this entire catastrophe could have been avoided…. however, even though it was more risky and stressful, Jessica gets to pay the bills and keep the Hermès Birkin. Was it worth it? Would any of you, dear readers, pawn your Hermès items?

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Hermès: 175 Years of Leather Excellence


2012 marks the 175th year of Hermès leather craftsmanship, and to celebrate the milestone they have opened an exhibition called “Leather Forever,” at The Royal Academy Galleries in London. The exhibition began on May 8th and will continue until the 27th, with free admission for everyone. There are twelve individual exhibits including one that features a display of all the varieties of Hermès skins, an entire room that allows the visitors to see the artisans from the Paris workshops create the bags, another that houses a giant Kelly bag sculpture which displays variations of the brand’s two most iconic bags (the Birkin and Kelly), and another room that gives Hermès fans a view of Hermès history and their saddlery beginnings. Other notable exhibits include a room filled with custom designs such as a black patent calfskin wheelbarrow commissioned by the Duke of Windsor for Wallis Simpson in 1947, as well as a multicolored saddle with wings.

The exhibition’s finale is a showcase of four custom made handbags that are tributes to the four nations of Great Britain. Of the specially designed bags there is a green bag with a shamrock charm representing Ireland, a plaid bag with a kilt pin for Scotland, a green bag embellished with a winged dragon for Wales, and a brick-colored bag with a guardsman’s bearskin for England. These bags will be auctioned off online by Christie’s from May 16th to May 31st, with the proceeds going to the Royal Academy of Arts. I hope some of our Hermès Purse Forum readers will be able to attend! Let us know if you do in the comments section (with details too, please!)

To view a behind the scenes video of one of Hermès’ expert craftsman creating the custom made handbags for the four nations of Great Britain go here

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