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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Ciel



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Marlo’s Personal Hermès Boutique


For those of you who watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta last Sunday, you probably noticed the Birkins that were put on obvious display in Marlo’s hotel room. There were 4 Birkins sitting proudly around the room, including a 35cm Hermès Poussiere Crocodile Birkin, a 35cm Hermès Orange Leather Birkin, a 35cm Hermès Mykonos Leather Birkin and a 35cm Hermès Iris Leather Birkin. Also hard to miss was the unusual number of Louboutins and other designer goods scattered about the room as if it were an actual department store! Notice how she had the shoes positioned just as they might be on a store shelf! Amazing! I find myself trying to picture Marlo actually organizing these items so meticulously while nobody was watching…. it seems like a very awkward and odd moment in time if you ask me. Does she do this every vacation she goes on? If so, that must be tiresome and I wonder what all of her friends think about it. If I had that many Birkins, I would not risk taking all of them on vacations, especially if said vacation is to South Africa. They are very beautiful bags, though! Try not to beat anyone up over attempts to steal them, Marlo, because you don’t need anymore arrests.


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Hermès Purse Forum’s First Give Away – Don’t Miss Out On A Free Hermès Collier de Chien Bracelet!



Hermes Purse Forum 1st give away!

How would you like to own a Brand New Hermès Blue Electric Swift Leather Collier de Chien bracelet?

We at the Hermes Purse Forum are on a mission to get the word out to all Hermès addicts in the world. This is your chance to win! Yes, win something from Hermès (can you imagine, FREE!)

We will be fair and we will be using a point system so that everyone will get a chance, the winner will be selected by the amount of points earned. We will not select by random chance or good luck, this will be clearly on a point system so you will have to work for your new bracelet!

So Ladies and Gents, here are the rules:

How do you gain points?


We have a specific tweet set up for you to send out to spread the word about the giveaway and Hermès Purse Forum. You are limited to only get points from this once a day, as spamming Twitter should not be rewarded. Each day you Tweet our message, you will receive 5 points.

You will also receive 25 points for following @hermespursefrm on Twitter. You cannot add us on Twitter and then remove us after you receive your points, as we will be watching for who is adding and removing us. If you are not following us at the end of the give away, we will ignore the points you have and you will be disqualified. If you do not have a Twitter account you will not receive points from this option, so it is highly recommended that you create a Twitter account if you want a chance to win the giveaway.


You will receive 25 points from following us on Facebook. You cannot add us on Facebook and then remove us after you receive your points, as we will be watching for who is adding and removing us. If you are not following us at the end of the give away, we will ignore the points you have and you will be disqualified.  If you do not have a Facebook account you will not receive points from this option, so it is highly recommended that you create a Facebook account if you want to win the giveaway.

Other ways of receiving points:

-Leave a blog post comment about which is your favorite Hermès Handbag and what makes it special. This is set up through our widget and should only be done through the widget. You will receive 10 points every time for completing this. (Again, Spamming will disqualify you, so don’t over do it. Do not copy and paste the same message over and over again – that would be pointless.)

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-Sign up for our newsletter:

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There you go, fun and easy… Spread the word, get points, and the brand new Hermès Blue Electric Swift Leather Collier de Chien could be yours!


Let’s Go!


Mega Blog: Kim Kardashian, Hermès Princess



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Kimora Lee Simmons Rocks her 35cm Hermes Orange Ostrich Birkin


It’s thrilling to see an unusual Birkin that nobody else is likely to carry like the one Kimora Lee Simmons has here. Isn’t her 35cm Hermès Orange Ostrich Birkin with Gold Hardware amazing?! I would love to see more Birkins this colorful out and about these days because it makes things a bit more spicy and exciting, don’t you agree? Now, if Kimora could wear this bag with some bright clothing to go along with the color blocking trend, then that would have made the entire look pop. Personally, I think too many celebs take the safe route by wearing neutral outfits while attempting to be daring by adding a crazy shoe or a bright bag. I think if you are going to be daring, be daring, and that doesn’t even mean you have to be tacky! Keep the Birkins and the fabulosity coming, Kimora!


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The Journey with Kim Kardashian and her Hermès Birkin Gym Bag Continues!


It was only earlier this week when the world witnessed a Birkin being transformed into a gym bag, but this time, Kim has got something even better for us to gawk at! It is no surprise that Kim has been seen this month on a Miami beach in a bikini flaunting her greatest asset (pun is definitely intended) while hanging out with friend, Jonathan Cheban. However, it IS a surprise to see what’s sitting in the sand next to the besties. At least $10K worth of handbag…. that’s what’s sitting on the beach in the salty air on the dirty ground! Maybe Kimmy is trying to prove something to us- She has money to wipe her money maker on. She is awesome enough to have a $10K gym/beach bag. She doesn’t care about the value of material goods. Or is she trying to simply stay in the news? I would go with the last idea, but whatever she is trying to prove, the attention whoring is working very well, so congrats to her! Gift me that amazing bag, Kim, and I won’t be sitting it on the sand while I swim in the ocean. Go to Hermes to buy a handbag for life. Go to Target to buy a beach bag for the sand.


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Kim Kardashian works out with her Hermès So Black 35cm Box Leather Birkin again!


In the past, Kim Kardashian has used her Birkin as her gym bag and I gave her a pass on that since she might have been in a hurry and perhaps the Birkin was uh… the only thing in reach at the time. Nope! Kim was spotted coming from the gym carrying only her Hermès So Black 35cm Box Leather Birkin AGAIN! Ok, maybe Kim has her makeup and usual purse items in that bag, but we know she has to have something in there like sweat bands or small towels for the hard workouts! That’s just plain wrong (in my world) to put such unclean items in a 10K plus handbag, but hey, if you have more money than you know what to do with, go right ahead. We’ve seen Kardashian carry Birkins in so many places on so many different occasions, but what’s next? Will she carry a Birkin to Wal-Mart? To the desert? To the zoo? To visit the children in Africa? I hope she doesn’t! Kim, I love seeing your many Birkins, but I like seeing them more when you are going out shopping or for a night out. Keep it Klassy.


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Our Favorite Hermès Color Of the Week – Etoupe

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Rochelle Wiseman spotted showing her Gold Hermès Birkin a lot of love

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It never fails to make me smile when I see a celebrity give the same bag much love throughout the week. This time, the Birkin spotlight lands on British pop star, Rochelle Wiseman as she is seen several times carrying a 35cm Hermès Gold Clemence Birkin with Gold Hardware. I can’t get over how different the styles are in each outfit she pairs the same bag with… it’s brilliant! It’s nice to see her turn up the volume by pairing a neutral bag with loud colors such as the neon pink shorts and electric red dress. I am a huge fan of neons lately, so of course those would pop out most to my eyes. Then, we have the singer in something more relaxed and summer-y with the striped button-up dress, and I just love how perfectly the Birkin works with the dress and her hair! I was also surprised to see the celeb carrying a pretty similar Birkin as her The Saturdays sister, Frankie Sanford, side by side on the same day! Good thing Rochelle did not get the fluorescent green memo like Mollie King did, or they would have looked like triplets. As much as I’d like to go on and on about how much I love that Birkins are exploding in public appearances and 80’s color trends have made a comeback, I cannot get over the last picture…. I mean, if I were in the rain with a Birkin, I’d be shielding the bag, not the other way around, but maybe I am just being silly. I just can’t see using one as my umbrella. Lovely style, Rochelle, but I hope you remember to check the weather and prepare the next time you go out.


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Fast and the Furious Badass gets caught scamming people for Hermes Birkin Handbags

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I guess celebs get scammed for handbags just like many people out there who have not starred in a hit movie series. Apparently, Rick Yune, who may be best remembered for his role in The Fast and the Furious, made arrangements with a couple from London to send 10 Hermes Birkins in exchange for $293K. The husband and wife wired Yune $198K for the first 8 handbags and planned to pay the additional $95K when the remaining 2 Birkins were delivered. Like many Craig’s List transactions gone wrong, the duo filed a lawsuit with the L.A. County Superior Court (obtained by TMZ) stating that they never received any of the Birkins nor did they get their money refunded. They are suing for the amount they spent on the bags plus damages. TMZ reported earlier that they were told by a representative for the 007 star that he did send the bags to an employee of the brit couple, but believes that the employee made a run for it with the bags……. so I guess Birkins are REALLY a must have since people will stop at nothing to own one! Something tells me that despite the outcome of this case, Rick’s bank account will live to die another day.


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